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This project was the first of it's kind to collaborate between fashion designers and software engineers. In a team work we created an outfit that reacts to the feelings of the person who wears it. 

The design: Inspired by the nostalgic children's book, "The Soul Bird", a story about a bird, which contains locked drawers that each drawer contains a particular human feeling. once a drawer is unlocked, the bird reflects the feeling inside. 

We built a pocket, symbolising the drawer that was connected to a pulse meter and leds. The colour of the leds changes simultaneously to the speed of the heartbeats. 

The App: WIFIM (what I feet inside me). We built and designed the app, using a camera which spotted the colour of the pocket when taking a shot, each colour symbolised a particular feeling and filled the screen with prints. 

This technology is called Augmented Reality (AR). The camera in our smartphones recognises a spot which is programmed and the screen reacts to the spot.


Our plan was to develop the product and the app so one day we can understand each other by fashionable and emotional prints that appear on our screen. ;)