This project deals with a Social Phenomenon in the "Share age", the social media, which in my opinion is a milestone in the history of human communication. I called it "Generation Y", the generation who was born into the age of technology. 

I chose Instagram as a tool to develop my final project because it contains visual and global language.

In my research I discovered 4 main patterns: Selfie photos, Location sharing, Culinary photos and Quotes photos. I found out that throughout history mankind used to document these 4 patterns. for example: Selfie is the development of the self portrait and location sharing/ "check in" posts is what used to be good old postcards. Now and then it is the human nature to leave memories, a mark and share their experiences with other people. 

My interpretation to the research is a collection of 6 outfits that each one them reflects those patterns which become real patterns on fabric by silk printing, huge prints and embroidery with a touch of humour. For example: The Selfie dress, the lips are pursed to give the effect of "Duckface" and the shiny eyes- "SMIZE"- smile with your eyes. 

As part of the project I created a special account on Instagram which documented the process, helped me get feedback on real time and served as my virtual sketch book.

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